The William Penn Pistol League has been in existence since 1947. Currently ten Pistol Clubs are now affiliated with the league. The league season begins during the month of September and finishes in April of the succeeding year.

To get started in the challenging sport of Bullseye Pistol Shooting you will need a semiautomatic pistol or revolver in .22 caliber (a pistol made specifically for target shooting is not required but you will eventually move in that direction if you find the sport enjoyable), two ammo magazines, dot scope (optional), gun box with spotting scope (optional), timer (optional), standard velocity .22 caliber ammo, shooter’s glasses, earplugs and/or muffs, targets, and some pistol cleaning supplies. If you are a new shooter talk to a team captain, and members of a club before you purchase any gear as they will be able to guide your purchases. As with most sports, views vary among shooters about the best gun and the cost of equipment does also.

Once you’ve got the right pistol and ammo combination, all you need are steady nerves, a disciplined trigger finger, and a rock-solid hold to compete in this challenging sport. Practice will also help to enhance your score. Shooting is done offhand which means only one handed with no support and standing. To find a team near you click on Team Info for contact information. They will be glad to give you a hand in learning the sport if your new to it, or welcome you to the team as an experienced shooter. We are always looking for new team members and we have many families that shoot in the league. Once you learn how to shoot bullseye you will have mastered one of the basic lessons in the shooting sports and you can use this lesson in all other shooting competitions.

The course of fire is 20 shots slow fire (2-ten shot relays each in ten minutes), 20 shots timed fire (4-5 shot relays of 20 seconds each) and 20 shots rapid fire (4-5 shot relays of 10 seconds each). Each shot is worth 10 points and a total possible score is 600. Targets are NRA approved or their equivalent for 50 foot indoor matches. The top five shooters from each team are considered the gold team for the evening and the match is decided by their aggregate score (2 points) and aggregates for slow fire (1 point), timed fire (1 point) and rapid fire (1 point) for a possible 5 points for the evening. The next highest five shooters are considered the blue team and their points for the evening are scored the same. These scores are accumulated over 27 matches to determine the best Gold and Blue club teams for the season.